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    Fashion is a statement. These days, how you dress, determines a big part of who you are because the first thing someone notices when they meet you is what you are wearing. Whether you would like to admit it or not, fashion takes up a part of everyone’s lives. The wrong or right fashion decision can affect your career, personal life, and people’s opinions of you. Even the girl who says she doesn’t care about clothes, is making a statement every time she throws on those baggy sweatpants. She’s telling the world that she doesn’t care what people think of her, and surely the people around her can recognize that just by looking at how she dresses. Fashion is a universal language and though everyone has a different way of speaking this language, it’s universally understood.

     The best thing about fashion, is that it is constantly evolving. The trends that were in last year are now completely forgotten, replaced by the new best thing. Interestingly enough, the opposite has happened as well. Fashion trends from years ago are now coming back in style. Take for example flare jeans, and choker necklaces. What was once old is now new, and what is now considered new can be a thing of the past tomorrow. Fashion never stays the same and that’s probably what makes it so much fun. It is a form of expression, use it. Fashion is an ever revolutionizing statement that everyone makes their own and that can define who or how you are seen. Luckily, fashion also gives you the freedom to change who you are at any given time as it changes with you. If you still ask yourself “What is Fashion?” remember that it is literally whatever you make of it. In a world full of situations out of your control, you can take comfort in the fact that fashion is and will always be your individual statement to the world, one thing you have complete control over. Take advantage of this, embrace the freedom and beauty in fashion.

Sophie Agudelo

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